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Our Clients

Altenburg Asset Advisors, LLC represents a diverse mix of successful individuals, families and Trust Companies who recognize the important role that professional guidance and comprehensive wealth management strategies play in the pursuit of financial stability and independence.

By providing a highly personalized experience and dedicated client service we believe we have earned a reputation for excellence among our peers. More importantly, we have developed deeply rewarding and personally fulfilling long-term relationships with many of our clients and their families.

Clients of Altenburg Asset Advisors, LLC:

  • Believe that coordinating and managing today’s financial decisions may put them on a better path to achieving tomorrow’s goals.
  • Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that they are working with a comprehensive wealth advisory firm in the area.
  • Prefer to work with a predominantly fee-based professional advisor who acts as their personal advocate in all aspects of their financial lives.
  • Require us to always provide conflict-free advice and access to unbiased research and non-proprietary financial programs.
  • Embrace the idea of leaving a “legacy,” because it captures all facets of an individual’s life – including their family traditions, history, life stories, values, and wishes.

Clients who benefit most from our services share many of the same qualities:

  • Successful in various aspects of their lives and careers
  • Achieved a comfortable level of financial security
  • Focus heavily on quality of life
  • Enjoy giving back to their communities
  • Friendly, reasonable and open-minded
  • Take an active interest in the lives of their children and grandchildren
  • Place great emphasis on Family Wealth Planning and Wealth Preservation issues
  • Family oriented