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Our 3 Step Suitability Process Content

The first step in the process starts with a basic independent analysis.  Note - In order to ensure that our analysis is truly unbiased, we have made it a point to utilize a different company in each step of the process.

Step 1: Riskalyze Analysis

Step 2: Morningstar Analysis

We then enter the current portfolio holdings into Morningstar and run a historical analysis using a common starting point.  This will allow us to fairly judge all holdings together and independently evaluate things like Country Exposure, 12 Month Yield, portfolio weightings against a common benchmark, in addition to things like Avg Bond Yield’s and Maturities, Potential Capital Gains exposure and internal fees being charged, just to name a few.  (Third suitability test – Independent evaluation of how these investments work together)

Step 3: Fi360 Fiduciary Score Analysis

We enter the current investment holdings into this program to identify which holdings might be at risk, and which holdings are just fine.  This in-depth analysis prevents the need to just sell everything.  (Final suitability test – Tests the holdings to ensure we are using best of breed)

Final Step: Proposed vs Current Analysis

Once steps 1-3 have been done, we then go back and start building a model that takes into consideration a person’s level of risk, their current holdings and any holes that may exist.  Once this has been done we then start all over again at Step 1, and repeat the entire process, now comparing the current holdings to our proposed model.  This process provides total transparency and allows a person to compare what they currently have to what they might want to consider, and be in a position to measure every level of risk, costs and potential results on a side by side basis before they decide to do anything.